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In January of 1996, Orange Cab was collectively formed by a number of Seattle area professional cab owners. The purpose of this association was to operate a full-service taxi dispatch company, since named Orange Cab Company.

Orange Cab Company has a board of directors committed to regulating and operating it's high level of standards. Each taxi is individually owned by a cooperative member. As of August 2008, the number of orange cabs in service stands at 170.

The goal of the entire company is to provide a superior level of service to it's customers in the Greater Seattle-King County area, while maintaining high standards of customer service and satisfaction. In order to maintain these goals, the cooperative members have committed themselves and Orange Cab Company to:

A.) Setting the standards for the Taxi Industry in the greater Seattle-King County area;

B.) Providing reliable, prompt and courteous taxi service to its customers;

C.) Setting dress code standards requiring all drivers to wear dress shirts and slacks for a professional appearance;

D.) Providing clean, immaculate cabs inside and out; . E.) Using attractive, mechanically safe, late model cars;

F.) Maintain a high level of customer relations and satisfaction.

The next time you find yourself in need of taxi cab service in the Greater Seattle-King County area, we invite you to call us and experience the "ORANGE" difference for your self... you will be satisfied.

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