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Some helpful hints for you...

If more than one person is traveling to or from the airport, a taxi is usually more cost effective than a shuttle, plus you don't have all those stops. And we whisk you along in the carpool lane too.

Most cab companies will have a superintendent to attend to complaints, problems, lost and found, etc.. They happen every day.

Whether calling a particular company or hailing a taxi off the street, one should always make note of the company name and the taxi number. it wouldn't hurt to take a good look at the driver also, in case its necessary to identify him in the future.

In the Seattle-King country area, taxis are required to have their number placed in numerous locations on the outside of the vehicle and there is suppose to be a board inside the taxi stating the number of the taxi and giving a hot-line complaint phone number.

Each cab in operation is to have visible to the passenger, an enlarged picture of the drivers for hire license, that is operating the taxi at that time.

A completed receipt is also useful. Ask for one at the end of the trip. It should show cab number, amount paid, drivers name, etc…

Upon exiting the taxi, check for items possibly left behind. Most cab companies have all the umbrellas and cell phones they will ever need in their lost and found.

The amount of cabs on the street will at times seem to be less than needed. Factors such as inclement weather, major events and the usual rush to get to work, go home from work, closing time at the local establishments, etc… Be prepared, plan ahead,

Time calls are most effective for early morning trips starting in the outlying areas. They work well, but no company can guarantee a cab at an exact time. If you want a taxi at six a.m., give yourself a window of five forty-five to six fifteen. Its best to leave a bit early to allow for unforeseen delays, downed trees or power lines, washed out roads, accidents on the roads, rarely, but it has happened where the taxi has broken down or been involved in an accident on the way to the pick-up, causing a delay by having to send another taxi. Stuff happens.

Hopefully you'll be one of the ninety-five out of a hundred who have a pleasant taxi experience.

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