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State-of-the-art Computerized Mobile Dispatch System...

Due to the rapid growth of Orange Cab Company, new quarters have been purchased. In addition, the company has installed a State-of-the-art Computerized Mobile Dispatch System which will elevate Orange Cab Company to the forefront of the Industry. The advanced system is highly efficient, and convenient for dispatchers, drivers and customers. In offering greater accuracy for improved customer service, the system offers:

A.) Faster and more expedient processing of incoming calls for more efficient dispatch service to our customers;

B.) Automatic call processing which eliminates customer frustrations with "busy line" signals;

C.) Computer dispatching in a timely manner;

D.) On-line credit card payment processing for those customers who prefer credit card payment;

E.) Global positioning system that tracks vehicles on digital maps which allows immediate location identification;

F.) This computer Dispatching System generally eliminates any possible problems with voice dispatching and provides the best service to our customers.

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