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From the downtown hotel area to the airport :

1 person - $40.00
2 people - $40.00 ($20.00 each)
3 people - $40.00 ($13.33 each)
4 people - only $40.00 ($ 10.00 each)

If two or more people are going to the airport from an outlying area, Orange cab is more convenient than a shuttle. We'll whisk you along in the car pool lane and you won't have to drive around or make numerous stops.

Cash is loved by all and never refused, but if you need to use a credit card, we gladly accept Visa, MC and AmEx.
From other places the distance charge is:

--Taximeter Charge-- -------Rate---------
Meter Drop $2.60 Per trip
Distance $2.70 Per mile
Waiting Time $0.50 Per minute
To calculate the estimated rate use Map Quest or Google Maps to know the distance you are traveling in mileage. Then multiply this mileage with $2.70 and add $2.60 for drop charge then you will get your estimated trip cost.The cost is the same for one or more persons.
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